1. The Session will serve as the Nominating Committee, which will both receive and generate nominations.
  2. Any male communicant member of the congregation who, in the view of the one nominating him, is fit, willing, and able to serve may be nominated to serve as an elder or deacon.
  3. Any communicant member of the congregation may submit nominations for the offices of elder and deacon.
  4. Nominations for officers should be made after prayerful consideration of the man’s Biblical qualifications for office.
  5. Nominations should be made in writing on the form provided or via email to the church office.
  6. The one nominating should obtain the permission of the potential nominee before placing the name in nomination. Otherwise they may not know to confirm the nomination.
  7. Nominees should confirm that he wishes the nomination to stand in order for the nomination to be considered valid. A nominee may confirm by sending an email to the church office.
  8. Those whose terms of service expire this coming January are eligible to be nominated for and elected to another term of service.
  9. Those who are nominated will be contacted by a member of the Session to coordinate their participation in the process of training, examination, and election.
  10. There will be a period of training for officers during the months of September through November. These classes will be required for those who are standing for election for the first time or for a new office. Those previously ordained to the office for which they have been nominated, but who have not previously gone through a period of training, will be required to attend the training sessions. Any member of the congregation may attend the officer training sessions.
  11. After the training period is complete, the Session will examine those who are willing to stand for election. There will be both written and oral exams.
  12. The names of those found eligible for election will be reported to the congregation.
  13. The election will be held at the annual meeting of the congregation, normally scheduled for January.
  14. The Book of Church Order will govern the process of nomination, training, examination and election of officers.