Our Story


Westminster began as a small group of believers in Jesus Christ who were faithfully committed to the Word of God and the Reformed understanding of the gospel. The group met initially for Bible study and prayer in the summer of 1982. The founding members organized officially as the Westminster Presbyterian Church (WPC) in November 1982, later calling Rev. Jayme S. Sikkert to be the first full-time pastor in 1983. Throughout the years, the people of WPC have strived to worship God, disciple one another, and shine the light of the gospel within our community and beyond. We give the Lord praise and thanks for his faithfulness to us over the years.   


Westminster continues to be committed to the Word and the Reformed understanding of the gospel, by the grace of God in Jesus. Our heritage from our formative years is an encouragement to us as we seek to know God in his glory, grow in grace together, and show the gospel of Jesus Christ to our community and beyond. 


Affiliation and Beliefs 


Westminster is a member congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America* (PCA). We are grateful for the support and accountability that we enjoy with other PCA congregations, our presbytery (Calvary), and the denomination as a whole.  


Our doctrinal beliefs are summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms. We strive to be winsomely committed to these expressions of Biblical truth in all that we do. 


Throughout the years, the General Assembly of the PCA has studied numerous issues of doctrinal, moral, and cultural significance. Those studies have produced reports, which were received by the GA as a representation of the denomination’s views on these issues. Those reports are available here. 


* This link will give you access to general information about the PCA, along with links to her various ministries for discipleship, church planting, missions, etc.